Alan Morgan Group Knows Content Marketing

Alan Morgan Group has one primary goal – to help businesses within a range of industries grow. It can and does work with businesses, all kinds of businesses, both local and national, making it possible for these businesses to grow. 


But how does Alan Morgan Group help these businesses? This is what you may be wondering, and the answer is fairly simple, though it still requires plenty of time and effort. Alan Morgan Group knows the ins and outs of content marketing. It has the talent to help businesses with their content marketing efforts, regardless of whether they are starting from scratch or looking to begin rebuilding their image after previous missteps in their marketing efforts.


Content is King


You may have heard it before, but it bears repeating. Today, almost everyone turns to the Internet when they need information, and because of this, it is vital for every business to have as much information about themselves as possible available for potential leads. To use a phrase you have likely heard before, content is king for modern-day digital marketing efforts. The more mentions of your brand you have online, the better it is for your business. 


It is not enough to simply drop mentions of your brand in wherever you see fit. It is also vital to note the importance of having high-quality links as a part of your content and digital marketing efforts. Google identifies links among its three most important factors when it comes to ranking web pages. This alone should be enough to help businesses see just how important it is to include high-quality links on their web pages and within their content. However, this is still one area where businesses can find themselves stuck in their old ways, though Alan Morgan Group can find plenty of great link building opportunities.


Among the biggest details to note with link building is domain authority, this being the factor used by Google to identify the quality of a link. Domain authority refers to a site’s ranking ability. A site with good domain authority will rank higher on a search engine than a site with poor domain authority. Links from sites with high domain authority will, in turn, boost your own domain authority – and your own site’s ranking on search engines. 


Quality Content Makes a Difference


A mention from a site with high domain authority can have a tremendous impact on your own site’s ranking. However, it is important to note this is only half the battle and won’t be enough to keep you afloat if you aren’t taking the steps necessary to keep leads on your site once they find you. This is another area where Alan Morgan Group can provide valuable assistance, being leaders when it comes to content marketing.


We’ve spent some time discussing the technical aspects of your content, including linking. However, when crafting your content, you can never forget the importance of ensuring it is well-written and aimed at the specific audience you are attempting to target. The overall readability of the content should always be considered, regardless of the type of content you need, from pages for your website to blogs and product descriptions. While you may want your content to be interesting and engaging, it should also be easy to read and have a nice flow, as it is aimed at an online audience. Relevance is always vital as well; you want to keep your readers engaged, give them the information they need, and ensure they stay on the page.


Businesses aren’t always the best at curating content on their sites, which can lead to greater problems than you may think. When businesses have loads of irrelevant content or poorly written content on their site, this has the potential to do damage to their reputation and their brand. This is why working with a business such as Alan Morgan Group can be such an important factor in helping a business grow and succeed, whether they are building their domain authority from the ground up or helping restore it after taking a hit in the past. 


Control Over the Copy is Key


When working with a marketing group such as Alan Morgan Group, giving the marketer control over the content and allowing them to review it helps guarantee there are no potential issues to be resolved before the content is published online. It can also be critical to a business’s success and growth to give the marketing group control over the direction of the copy, especially when it comes to details such as choosing relevant material and ensuring it reads well. Allowing a marketing group to have final approval can prevent any possible brand damage and issues such as hits to domain authority while, in turn, helping a business build up their online presence. 


Alan Morgan Group is Content Marketing


For over a decade, Alan Morgan Group has been curating content campaigns for various brands in addition to managing website reorganizations. The company has delivered real results for numerous brands and can help you no matter your current situation and the type of content you need. Among the many benefits of working with Alan Morgan Group is the company has access to an array of excellent, trusted websites, ensuring they are able to place their clients’ links on sites with high domain authority. Meanwhile, their team of writers are all excellent and can craft high-quality content regardless of the brand and the industry they are in, so it is suitable no matter a business’s goals. 


Content is king, and Alan Morgan Group as a company truly knows this, which is why their team puts so much effort into crafting the best quality content possible. With their knowledge, expertise, and connections, you can have incredible content for your site to help push you to the next level and ensure you are always ready for any challenge. 

Is Your Content Over Optimized?

For any business, organization or product looking to improve their online search rankings, Google search engine optimization (SEO) is the answer. As a result, SEO companies specialize in using keywords strategically placed in the content, so that Google’s algorithm can determine what the material is about. Thus, when internet users key in a particular phrase or keyword, the algorithm can detect the keywords from various online sources and provide the user with content that best matches the words/phrases searched in their results.

However, in a bid to get a better ranking on Google, businesses often over optimize their content by over saturating it with keywords. As a result, the content ends up being focused on over using keywords for ranking purposes as opposed to providing internet users with credible and useful information. Over the years, Google has caught on to this practice, and as a result, they have made some changes to their algorithm to ensure that when you search for a keyword on their engine, you do not just get keyword saturated content but something informative and useful to you. Below are some of the changes Google has recently implemented on their search engine, and how an SEO company can assist you with the new SEO content optimization regulations to get a good ranking.

Understand Latent Semantic Index (LSI)

Earlier on, Google ranked keyword stuffed content at the top of its indexes irrespective of how irrelevant the information was to an internet user. However, today, keyword stuffing your content will get you penalized by Google. As a result, Google introduced the Latent Semantic Indexing system to ensure that their algorithm doesn’t rank keyword stuffed content at the top of its search results.
Latent Semantic Indexing is a system that links one keyword to another relevant keyword by analyzing various keyword patterns that can get used together. For instance, if you search on Google ‘how to bake a chocolate cake?’ The algorithm recognizes the words ‘bake’ and ‘cake’ as keywords. Another person looking for the same information will search for ‘chocolate cake recipes’ while another will search ‘chocolate cake icing ingredients.’ Icing, recipes, and ingredients are keywords that are related to content on the baking of a chocolate cake, and thus they are considered as LSI keywords.

LSI keywords enable content to have a flow as well as provide additional keywords related to the main keyword of your content. Therefore, you do not have to over optimize your content with just one or a few keywords to get rankings as it will get you penalized. However, researching and placing relevant and useful LSI keywords can be a daunting task. As a result, most businesses prefer to employ the services of an SEO company to conduct research and to implement them into content seamlessly.

Pay Attention to Keyword Density

Keyword density refers to the percentage of your content that comprises of a particular keyword. The percentage gets calculated by dividing the number of keywords used by the total number of words in the content, and then multiplying the result by a hundred. To detect over-optimized content on their engine, Google utilizes keyword density to identify and punish keyword over stuffing. A high keyword density automatically gets classified as keyword spam and as such; the content doesn’t get selected for ranking in the search results. This is meant to prevent websites from over packing their material with numerous keywords to get listed, rather than provide useful content to their customers.

Keywords are still critical for rankings. However, keyword, including LSI keywords, should be used sparingly. According to our tests, the keyword density should always be below 5% with exact keywords under 2%. Additionally, to ensure that the density is sufficient enough to get detected by the LSI system for ranking, it is advisable to keep the density including LSIs at 2-4% max. With respect to this, to get favorably ranked, it is advisable to work with a professional SEO company. They have the expertise, tools, and experience to navigate Google’s algorithm so that you don’t get penalized for over optimization, and you still get good rankings.

The More is Better SEO Myth

So often in this business we run across clients and peers who believe that more is better across everything we do – backlinks, pages on their website, posts to social media, everything.  The problem is that only about half of them listen when we talk about creating a brand and delivering something relevant and valuable to a market place.  Think about it this way, is it better to spam 1 million email addresses in hopes of getting a few lucky sales or is it better to email your existing customers who have already had a great experience with you and might actually open the email you send?  It is the same thing with SEO.  A higher quantity of terrible posts will not help in the long run.  A higher quantity of spammy backlinks with weak metrics and zero relevance will not help in the long run.  Even making sure you have 1000 word articles (because it has to be better than 500 word articles) that are just junk will not help in the long run.  Everyone is so impatient in this instant gratification society.  Lets just focus on improving the quality of what you are doing.  From creating quality content that gets naturally syndicated because people actually want to share it, to relevant natural backlinks from trusted industry sources because you finaly did something worthy of being linked to.  Focusing on higher quality across the board and actually delivering value, it will make all the difference 6 months from now.

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