The More is Better SEO Myth

So often in this business we run across clients and peers who believe that more is better across everything we do – backlinks, pages on their website, posts to social media, everything.  The problem is that only about half of them listen when we talk about creating a brand and delivering something relevant and valuable to a market place.  Think about it this way, is it better to spam 1 million email addresses in hopes of getting a few lucky sales or is it better to email your existing customers who have already had a great experience with you and might actually open the email you send?  It is the same thing with SEO.  A higher quantity of terrible posts will not help in the long run.  A higher quantity of spammy backlinks with weak metrics and zero relevance will not help in the long run.  Even making sure you have 1000 word articles (because it has to be better than 500 word articles) that are just junk will not help in the long run.  Everyone is so impatient in this instant gratification society.  Lets just focus on improving the quality of what you are doing.  From creating quality content that gets naturally syndicated because people actually want to share it, to relevant natural backlinks from trusted industry sources because you finaly did something worthy of being linked to.  Focusing on higher quality across the board and actually delivering value, it will make all the difference 6 months from now.

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