• Search Engine Optimization

    Increasing brand awareness is the most fundamental element of growing a company.  Winning in Google means growing your brand and your business.

  • Pay-Per-Click

    There is a time and place for Pay-Per-Click.  Don’t waste marketing dollars on running the wrong ads at the wrong audience.  Target specific services and specific market segments.  Find like audiences, then have compelling content to maximize your PPC spend on Google, YouTube and Facebook

  • Email Marketing

    Do you have a list or purchase someone else’s list?  Do you have an engaging auto-responder?  One of our clients has a list and consistently get open rates above 22%.  Make your emails compelling.


  • Web Design

    Begin with the end in mind.  We build websites to increase incoming leads and conversion.  A website that is pretty doesn’t mean it converts and drive business.  We understand the latest design trends that are leading to real increases in revenue.

  • Retargeting

    Re-marketing / Re-targeting allows your company to get more touch points with people who visit your site.  Have you ever visited a website and then you see ads for it chasing you all over the internet and in Facebook?  That is what we do for you, getting those touch points to generate sales.

  • Analytics

    Analytics drive everything we do.  We use user experience mapping and tracking software to generate heat maps of where people read, scroll and place their cursor to help us tweak your site for conversion.  We split test opt-ins and landing pages.  Everything is measured, but more importantly, it is analyzed.










  • Email Marketing and Follow-Up

    Get 3-5 customized and personalized touch points with a prospect prior to a call- tailored to that individual’s interests and preferences.

  • Creative Engagement

    Whether it’s webinars or industry insights that customers typically get access to (like the TOp Ten Things You Need to Know About… or 7 Ways To….), carefully crafted messaging leads to more engagement, repeat customers and natural referrals.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social engagement is no longer an options.  These are the basics- just as important as accepting a credit card or a friendly customer service rep.  Your customers are either on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, and sometime on all of the above.  Engage them.

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  • Research

    Just like we started planning for any of our operations in Iraq, Afghanistan or North Africa, we start with understanding the problem and Your Goals.

  • Plan

    This is where our team develops a digital marketing strategy, war-gaming the possible options and leveraging your company’s competitive advantage and unique value propositions.

  • Deploy

    During this phase we deploy the most efficient and campaign to help you grow your business and leverage every advantage over the competition.  A fair fight is loser talk.

  • Measure

    Digital Marketing is about accountability and testing.  We provide clients with a 24/7 dashboard and measure customer behavior and conversion.


  • Your Digital Image Matters

    Whether you are a small business that is just getting started and need a new website, or a large company that has been around a while but needs to clean up your digital image, we have the tools and knowledge to deliver premium services that will exceed your expectations.  However, what truly differentiates us from other companies out there are our people.

  • Your Competitive Advantages

    Many people ask us “what does a Digital Marketing Agency do?” First and foremost we specialize in increasing your online visibility through SEO, but understand that connecting with new customers takes more than excellent search engine rankings.  People do business with brands, not companies, and we help you communicate who you are and why you are better.

  • Our Competitive Drive

    We are the top Digital Marketing Agency in Dallas, TX because of our partners and their addiction to winning.  Whether it was basketball growing up, missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, or the Saleh our founders do not fail.  Every member of our team brings this dedication to success to every client we service.  When you work with the Alan Morgan Group you get piece of mind knowing there are people putting everything they have into getting the results you deserve.



We are made up of some of the best minds in business and take pride in only hiring premier talent that can truly deliver value to our partner clients.  The majority of our team has had a career path involving premier education, military service, and a experience in Fortune 200 Companies to large web development projects to custom API integrations and user generated follow-up sequences.  We are subject matter experts on all things digital marketing but understand the other facets of your business, from the P&L to developing leaders.


In addition to the consistent testing and developing within our agency, we stay connected with other marketing industry professionals to ensure we keep apprised of the current landscape so we deliver results that not only work today, but position you for success tomorrow.  This allows us to compare even more data and bring a truly quantitative based approach in providing our services.


Our network extends well beyond marketing.  This allows us to bring more to the table compared to a traditional online marketing company.  In addition to increasing revenue through online visibility, we have been able to help our clients increase profits across the board by analyzing their entire business to find additional solutions to lower costs.  Whether it is lowering merchant account fees or helping implement software to increase efficiency, we are your partners and will do what it takes to help you succeed.

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Work with the Winning Team.  Work with a team founded by a Ranger and Green Beret.  Or continue to work with people who argue over what hue of red to use in a logo.  Your choice.  

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