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  • The Alan Morgan Guarantee

    We offer you our guarantee.  Together we will layout a project timeline and if we do not meet our forecasts you will not pay until we catch up.

  • Planning & Insights

    Our SEO process begins with understanding your audience and your business- for both SEO and conversion.  We understand individuals looking for a Dallas financial planner are going to look for something different than someone looking for emergency plumbing repair.  We also work with you to ensure the market we are targeting is the market you are trying to serve.

  • Local & Regional Marketing

    With everything from multi-channels to hyperlocal solutions to fit your company’s marketing needs.  This means we do Search Engine Optimization, but depending on your needs also deliver pay-per-click, content marketing, social media marketing and email automation services.



  • Search Engine Optimization

    Increasing a business’s visibility is critical to growth.  People are looking for Dallas Companies on Google and Bing every single day.  Who are they finding?

  • Pay-Per-Click

    Depending on your company’s offering, brand positioning, industry, and whether you have well known regional competitors in your market segment will determine if we recommend Pay-Per-Click.  After we determine if running ads is profitable, we will ensure you run the right ads to the right audience, based on your firm’s services and customer archetypes.

  • Email Follow-up

    We can automate your follow-up process to ensure you spend more time responding to the right leads instead of having to worry about getting an email response out to every prospect.

  • Remarketing

    Once we get a potential customer to your site, we will advertise to them around the internet so you continue to get touch points with that potential client.  If you are an emergency service one touch point is often enough, whereas if you are selling a luxury product it will likely take many more touch points to get a conversion.



  • 24/7 Dashboard

    Our clients have their own dashboard with search engine rankings, Google analytics data, pay-per-click advertising data and of source SEO rankings.

  • User Experience Tracking

    Understanding what people do when they get to your site is valuable and an important aspect to increasing conversion.  We track where users spend the most time, not just the page, but the exact part of the page so we can make adjustments to increase your conversion.

  • Creative Engagement

    Whether it’s infographics on the benefits of utilizing a local business or vice versa, we will display your competitive advantages in interactive and memorable ways.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Most industries have norms and standards.  Your industry has governing bodies, professional organizations, and a code of ethics.  The SEO world isn’t like this.  In fact, if you ask a very large marketing agency what search engine optimization is they will start talking about content.  Some of the smaller agencies we know will mention raking your site in Google and go into ranking videos in YouTube. Search engine marketing professionals will argue over definitions.  One thing they won’t argue about is that search marketing is critical for law firms.  Most firms out there are doing the SEO basics, but many have hired SEO consultants which means that doing the basics will no longer get your website onto the front page of Google.  At our firm, we don’t care about someone else’s definition.  Ours is simple.  It is winning.  Winning is getting to the top, which is why we have the Alan Morgan Guarantee.

We understand in your law firms needs clients to find your website. As fewer and fewer people turn to phone books, organic search engine optimization is the most effective way of finding new clients. Many attorneys spend tons of money on Billboards and TV hoping one in a million will be receptive to their ad.  The internet is the only place your firm can connect with people actively looking for your services.  Whether the potential client has a family member who was injured in an accident, accused of DUI, getting a divorce or in search of a bankruptcy attorney, with effective web marketing, the clients find you when they need you.  Billboards, TV and radio just can’t do this.

Why you need it

SEO StatisticsMore and more people are going to the Internet to find the answers to their problems, and more than two-thirds of the time people look to Google for answers. The problem is that most business owners and web designers simply do not know how to properly signal to Google and the other search engines what their website is about and that it is important. This causes the site to be buried in the search results, and in an age of instant gratification, over 90% of searches do not make it past the first page. So even if a much better business has a website on page 2 or beyond, customers simply will not find them.

What About Paid Ads

The biggest problem with PPC is that people have become immune to them. In fact more than 70% of Internet users ignore ads on the search engine results page and instead focus on organic search results.  This is a great addition if you are already ranking in the search engines but as a stand-alone it leaves you competing with everyone else, increasing the cost per visitor, for a fraction of the potential market. Not trying to get to the top of the organic listings is like telling 70% of your potential customers that you don’t want their business.

Why most people can’t deliver rankings

Google and every other Search Engine are constantly testing and tweaking their algorithms to deliver the best result for any given search. Most companies simply look at a forum and try to implement the latest trick or loophole that eventually gets their clients website penalized. Others simply send backlink after backlink at a website in hopes that it will eventually rank, and simply cannot recognize why they are still on the second page of a search with 5 times the backlinks.  Times have changed and the search engines care about quality over quantity.

We Are Different

At Alan Morgan Group we use highly refined and proprietary SEO tools and techniques to ensure we deliver real measurable and sustainable results. Our methods are based on empirical analysis and analytical testing so we can diagnose and capitalize on opportunities to increase a site’s Google ranking. Together with an elite group of SEO professionals we test and evaluate results on thousands of websites. We go so far as to establish test sites to ensure we do not make a mistake and get your website penalized. Quite simply, we get results for our clients without jeopardizing their future rankings.

We are the Dallas SEO Company you have been looking for.  Stop letting the competition get all of the customers looking for your business online and start increasing your revenue today. Take the first step by filling out our contact form below or give us a call at (866) 805-3494.

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