Websites Built

To Convert

1. Conversion Analysis

Purpose, Goals, Target Audience

2. Planning

Sitemap & Structure

3. Design

Wireframe & UI/UX

4. Content

Copywriting, Photos & Videos

5. Development

Develop a site that converts and we can analyze

6. Testing

Technical, Browers, & Conversion

7. Deployment

Monitoring, Bug Fixes, Maintenance

Columbus Ohio Web Design & More

  • To Get Someone to take Action!

    We assume you have some sort of online presence- wither a website, Facebook, Google+ or all of those, but if you  do not have site, we can help you get one set up.

  • Define Website Goals

    We always ask a client to define the purpose of the site.  We here a lot of different answers.  Then we ask it in a different way.  What action do you want someone to take when they see your website?

  • Not Just on Online Business Card

    Having a digital billboard is great, but it is even better to have clear website goals. How are we going to define conversion?  Is it an e-commerce purchase?  Is it a call?



You may be the best custom suit maker in Columbus and greater Central Ohio, but if no one can find find your site, or it lacks basic functionality across cell phones, tablets and computers, you are not driving business.  You also need the right messaging to make someone take action now and you need to show up in the search engines so people in Columbus can find you.


You obviously want calls, visits, etc.  You want to grow your business, hire more employees and expand.  The same goes if you aren’t selling custom clothing but are running a law office, chiropractic practice or car dealership.  The ea of simply having a website and people will find it are over.  Getting found within the search engines is a very deliberate process.


Driving traffic to a site is great.  Many online marketing companies specialize in that.  How many specialize in creating and measuring sites for conversion and tracking that by traffic source (referral traffic, search engine traffic, pay-per-click traffic)?


  • A Company you Can Trust

    Many of our current clients are not designers.  That is okay.  We will help you find the right design.  And surprisingly, we do have a client who did graduate from the Columbus College of Art & Design.  Irregardless of your design background, we will create a website that drives traffic and converts.  

  • More than Hosting & a Domain Name

    Web design encompasses much more than great image,s compelling content, shared or dedicated hosting and a domain name.  It is more than determining your search engine optimization strategy.  It is a function of this but is really a representation of your company’s identity.


  • If You Like It

    Then we may love it.  If you are in love with 1990s moving clip art and random jpegs dripped throughout the page, we may love the idea but fear it may not connect with your target demographic.  It is nothing against you, we just want you to have a high converting site.

  • User Experience

    Customers are impatient.  You have three seconds to get them to scroll and read more.  It is needs to be compelling, but it also needs to load quickly on a computer, tablet and phone.

  • Language

    A business owner doesn’t need to know JAVA, Ruby, Joomla, WordPress, PHP, etc.  You do not have to create the content.  Let us take care of that for you.

Other Central Ohio Areas Supported

Bexley | Delaware | Dublin | Gahanna | Grandview Heights | Grove City | Groveport  | New Albany | Plain City | Powell | Upper Arlington | Westerville | Worthington


What is Conversion Optimized Web Design?

Most companies out there want to build beautiful websites.  That is great, but do they convert?  A converting website is more important than a beautiful.  Sometimes these elements go hand-in-hand, and other times beauty can negatively impact conversion.  Conversion depends on the audience, how they found the page / site and a whole lot more.  Beauty’s affect on conversion is extremely industry and demographic specific.

Why you need it

SEO StatisticsOur goal is to get your website found and to get sales.  They is why we test conversion and focus more on lead generation than any other factor when doing web development in Columbus and beyond.  Your website should be a tool to generate revenue not act as just “something you have to have,” which is what we often hear from small and medium sized business owners.

What About other platforms

WordPress websites account for over 70% of the top spot in Google.  When looking at a website and a website build as a revenue generating tool, this matters.  So we typically build in WordPress.

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