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  • The Alan Morgan Guarantee

    Unlike most companies we offer you our guarantee.  Together we will layout a project timeline and if we do not meet our forecasts you will not pay until we catch up.

  • Planning & Insights

    Our SEO process begins with understanding your audience and your business- for both SEO and conversion.  We understand individuals looking for a Jaguar Dealership are looking for something different than someone looking for a KIA dealership.  Once we understand messaging we then begin to expand your visibility online.

  • Local & Regional Marketing

    With everything from multi-channel to hyperlocal solutions, we can deliver your dealerships’s marketing needs.  This means we do Search Engine Optimization, but depending on your needs and budget we also deliver pay-per-click, content marketing, social media marketing and marketing automation services.



  • Search Engine Optimization

    Increasing an automotive dealerships’s visibility is critical to growth.  People are looking for car dealerships on Google and Bing every single day.  Who are they finding?

  • Pay-Per-Click

    Depending on your dealerships’s offering, brand positioning, and whether you have well known regional competitors in your market segment will determine if we recommend Pay-Per-Click.  After we determine if running ads is profitable, we will ensure you run the right ads to the right audience, based on your targeted services and customer archetypes.

  • Email Follow-up

    We can help automate your follow-up process to ensure you spend more time responding to the right leads with the right information in the fastest time possible so you get the sale.

  • Remarketing

    Once a potential customer comes to your site, we will advertise to them around the internet so you continue to stay front of mind with that potential customer.  Oftentimes site visitors are comparing prices and financing, and proper retargeting combined with timely email response can to get them to take action and visit your location.



  • 24/7 Dashboard

    We believe in transparency, thats why our clients have their own dashboard with Google Analytics data, Pay-Per-Click  data and of course SEO rankings.

  • User Experience Tracking

    Understanding what people do when they get to your site is an important aspect to increasing conversion.  We track where users spend the most time, not just the page, but the exact part of the page so we can make adjustments to increase your conversion.

  • Creative Engagement

    Whether it’s infographics on the benefits of utilizing a local business or vice versa, we will display your competitive advantages in interactive and memorable ways.  If you are already working with another traditional advertising agency, we will ensure our messaging matches theirs.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Many businesses and organization work under a code of ethics, or even standards that govern how they market their products and brands. Search engine optimization is however very different from all the marketing tactics and strategies that many of these companies use. Marketing agencies define SEO differently, with the established ones basing their definition on content, while entry level companies will talk about Google and YouTube rankings.

Although SEO definitions may vary from one agency to the other, the main idea behind all these is getting your business known to your target audience. With almost everyone doing SEO basics on their sites, getting your page/site to appear on the top page of Google or any other major search engine requires more than basic SEO only. How well you define SEO however do not matter with our company – all we care about is winning and getting your pages on the top. This is why we offer the Alan Morgan Guarantee to all our customers.

The main idea behind putting up a website is to make it possible for customers to find your dealership. We understand this is your top priority, which is why we focus on organic search engine optimization (instead of phone books) to help improve your website’s visibility online. Billboards and TV ads are no longer as effective as they were a few years ago. Many people today use the internet to connect with their friends and loved ones. This makes organic search engine optimization the best strategy to reach out to these audiences. Instead of investing millions of dollars in television and Billboard advertisements, it would be much better to focus your attention on the more efficient marketing strategies.

How We Define SEO Success

Our definition of SEO success differs greatly with many other internet marketing firms out there. While other companies focus on getting your site on the first ‘few pages’ of search engines, or just work to have your business registered on directories, we work towards making you a winner. Our staff works hard and methodically to ensure your site and pages are ranked number 1, and appear on the top page of a search result. It is by tweaking, pushing, pulling, and pivoting your website that we ensure you only get the best results.

What About Paid Ads

Unfortunately, more and more people are becoming immune to paid ads online. In fact more than 70% of Internet users ignore ads on Google and Bing and look to the organic listings instead.  This means that PPC is a great addition if you are already ranking organically, but on its own it leaves you open to the constantly increasing costs as more and more competition drives the price higher and higher.  Not focusing on the organic listings is deliberately eliminating 70% of potential customers online.

We Do More Than Just SEO

Just like any other successful company, we know that you are not just after a transactional relationship, but to be part of the community. This means making your brand known to the community as a whole. It is with a good image that your business can succeed in the digital world. Aside from handling all SEO needs for your company/business, our team ensures you get the best branding tools and even create campaigns to highlight your identity in both existing and new markets.

To make your dream into reality, our teams work hand in hand to create relevant blog content, educative videos, and even infographics to help engage target audiences in various platforms. We also reinforce the marketing strategies with email marketing campaigns, as well as social media marketing to help move the masses. By doing this, your business gets the desired image for the community to accept it as a brand. As long as many people know your brand, you can then be assured of higher returns and more traffic coming your way.

We Are Different

At the Alan Morgan Group we use highly refined and proprietary SEO tools and techniques to ensure we deliver real measurable and sustainable results. Our methods are based on empirical analysis and analytical testing so we can diagnose and capitalize on opportunities to increase a site’s Google ranking. Together with an elite group of SEO professionals we test and evaluate results on thousands of websites. We go so far as to establish test sites to ensure we do not make a mistake and get your website penalized. Quite simply, we get results for our clients without jeopardizing their future rankings. 

We are the Automotive SEO Company you have been looking for.  Stop letting your competition get the customers looking for you online and start increasing your revenue today. Take the first step by filling out our contact form below or give us a call at (866) 805-3494.

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