It was April 24 when the Google Penguin Update has been introduced in the Internet. This update, in its day one, had already caused concern among the millions of webmasters and had forced them to make the necessary changes in their websites, so they will not be hit by it.

In case you are not yet informed of the purpose of the Penguin Update, here is a little backgrounder. Google has made and designed this update with a strict and clear mission of eradicating the illegal online activities of some people. One of these is the spamming, which most online users are practicing in order to boost the rankings of their websites.

Spamming is one of the cyber activities that are not allowed by Google, since the people who are into this activity are blatantly violating the standards and policies set by Google to their subscribers.

After the launch and the implementation of the Google Penguin Update, there were many sites reported to have been hit by this update. If you are one of the webmasters who are into spamming activities, then it will be essential for you to make the necessary changes so your site will not be severely affected by this algorithm anti spamming update. Call or visit our Dallas or Columbus SEO specialists if you have any specific questions.

There are some reported cases of the Penguin Update recovery, and that one site has made some changes so it can recover from the impact of the penguin update.

Below are some of the changes that others have made, although, experts believed, did not make any difference:

· The pinged blogs which were originally highlighted by the head of the Google anti spam department, Matt Cutts, do not come from the splogs volume on

· The SEO cleanup which has revealed that the site maps do not exist and are actually broken.

· The cleanup of the numerous title tags that are duplicated and were reported by the Webmaster tools.

· The continuous building of the natural links and promoting positive signals like social shares and the essential traffic.

· The SEOmoz campaign data that are implemented to some of the canonical URLs with a mission of cleaning the crawl errors and has also killed most of the unnecessary links found across the site.

The things that we have discussed here are some of the changes that some websites have undergone with the mission of recovering from the impact of the Google Penguin Update. However, if you will ask the opinions of most experts about it, you will be told about their apprehension on these changes, which they believe did not succeed in fulfilling its main objective.

Moreover, there are also some sites that have been successful in recovering and that they are able to withstand the impact of the Penguin Update, especially the sites that were involved in the disapproved activity, spamming.

The arrival of the Penguin Update should not seriously worry you, if you are sure that your site is not doing anything against Google’ ToS. Keep in mind, this algorithm by Google is designed to eliminate spammers and not their loyal and honest subscribers. Please direct any other questions about algorithm updates or digital marketing to Alan Morgan.