Searching for a Web Development Company: What to Ask, What to Know, What to Watch Out For

Searching for a Web Development Company: What to Ask, What to Know, What to Watch Out For


We truly live in an amazing time. Now all it takes is a good idea, a little drive and a break and bam… you have a business. In the excitement of building a company out of their basement, their garage, their man-cave, entrepreneurs are often blinded to those who would take advantage of their enthusiasm.

If I only had a website!

So what is the entrepreneur to do. He starts to put together his first attempt at a Word Press site but after hours of frustration he turns for help.


Hmmm, the entrepreneur says to himself. I guess that’s just how much it costs. But wait there’s more…

HURRY TO LOCK IN THAT $8,000 PRICE TAG AND YOUR WEBSITE RENTAL (of $400/month) WILL BE WAIVED FOR THE FIRST 30 DAYS!!!!!!!*with a 36 month agreement, notification must be given 42 weeks out to cancel, cancelation rates apply

Ohhh, I have to rent it? I guess I must have to rent it.

And there it is…he’s trapped.

Whenever you are shopping for a website here are a few questions to ask:

  1. Will I own the site?
  2. Who pays for domain hosting?
  3. Are there any additional fees associated with the build

Website developers are extremely talented people; and extremely talented people deserve to be compensated for their time/experience/knowledge/etc. The total price tag for the deal mentioned above was as follows:

$8,000 – initial build

+ $14,000 – monthly fees (thanks for that free first month!)


Now, there are plenty of sites that are worth $22,000, some that are two, three, five times that in value. Buying a website is an investment in your company, not an expense. You should expect to see a return on that investment. Ask your developer this one simple question: “How will this site help me drive revenue?”

A web developer is a partner and should be as dedicated to growing your company are you are.

If it feels like you are negotiating to buy a used car, you’re probably talking to a used car salesman.


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