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Are there online publications with potentially harmful information to your business or individual brand showing up in Google when someone Google’s your name?

What is Reputation Management & Why does my business need it?

Our reputation management service ensures customers have a chance to hear testimonials about the great products or services your company provides and work to minimize the exposure to negative outliers. We help your business generate more sales volume by spreading the positive impressions about your product or service which leads to more leads, more positive impressions and better conversions. We make you aware of new positive and negative reviews to allow your team to replicate success or take action on opportunities to respond to undesirable feedback both internally and on the review site.

Track Reviews

Who is monitoring the 50+ review platforms on the internet for your business? We monitor online reviews from Yelp!, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Industry specific platforms and many more.

Reputation Management Dallas

  • Track Reviews

    One enraged customer can destroy future business.  People review you on Facebook ,Google+, Yelp! and BBB at a minimum.  Add in industry specific sites like Houzz, Avvo, and RealSelf and there is a lot to manage.

  • Address Bad Reviews

    No one can make everyone one happy 100% of the time.  Angry customers are 4 times more likely to leave a review and with smart phones they do it even faster. Future customers are going to see it so address it promptly and explain the whole story.  Often times the situation can be resolved quickly and you will demonstrate that you are a business that still cares about customers.


    We have met a lot of business owners that enjoy letting their products and services do their talking.  If your customers love your product then don’t be afraid to ask for a review.  Thanks to math you can get ahead of future problems by banking high ratings so that negative ones have less of an impact.

reputation management depends on many factors to include Yelp, BBB and more


Today, a staggering 86% of consumers read online business reviews.   And it is not surprising that customers with a negative experience are almost 20% percent more likely to leave a review than a satisfied customer. This is why now more than ever it is critical to protect your brand. Alan Morgan will review and monitor your online reputation to give customers more positive exposure to your products. In an age where one bad online review can shape the mind of thousands of customers, our reputation management service is crucial to customer acquisition.

We Work With Our Reputation Management Clients To:

  • Develop a feedback solution system to take control of your online reputation to include reviews and your social media presence
  • Create Positive Impressions by strategically positioning positive content
  • Push negative content away from customers
  • Ensure reviews are current and insightful
  • Create a Multi-Location Reputation System that manages every company location within an organization
  • Provide daily monitoring and reputation analytics at an interval that is ideal for your business


Our Reputation Management Services give you hands free improvement via The Reputation Management Cycle

  • Develop a Baseline

    Examine your company’s current online reputation compared to competitors in your market

  • Monitor Current Directories

    We find all review directories applicable to your industry

  • Highlight Positive Reviews

    We implement a strategy to highlight your business’s positive reviews and push the negative away from the customer

  • Assess

    We assess your results against your baseline to see how much you have improved.

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Couple Reputation Management services with Alan Morgan’s SEO and Website Optimization for a even larger impact to your bottom line.