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  • The Alan Morgan Guarantee

    We offer you our guarantee.  We will layout a project timeline and if we do not meet our forecasts we do not invoice you until we hit the projection.

  • Planning & Insights

    Our SEO process begins with understanding your audience- for both SEO and conversion.  We understand individuals looking for emergency plumber search differently than someone looking for a a commercial or industrial plumbing company.  We also understand work with you to ensure the market we are targeting is the market you are trying to serve.

  • Local & Regional Marketing

    With everything from multi-channels to hyperlocal solutions to fit your plumbing company’s marketing needs.  This means we do Search Engine Optimization, but depending on your needs also deliver pay-per-click, content based marketing, social media marketing and marketing automation service.



We don’t try to give you a free SEO audit that provides you little to no insight and only tells you what you already know, that you aren’t on page 1 of Google and aren’t getting leads via your website.  These are silly.  Your firm and our company are both better than that.


We aren’t going to use a bunch of phrases with words like integrated full service marketing solutions that deliver long term sustainable SEO solutions……”  What we will do is rank your site, conduct real analysis of PPC terms, and treat your marketing investment like our own.  We know what our ability to deliver can be the difference of a family vacation to Hawaii or one to a city park.


We pride ourselves not being a normal marketing firm.  Our founders were members of the Special Operations community and bring that competitive drive to the world of digital marketing.  We don’t sit around and debate what hue of orange this is.  We research, conduct analysis and execute.


  • Search Engine Optimization for Plumbers

    Increasing a company’s visibility is the critical to growth.  People are looking for plumbers via the internet and specifically Google and Bing every single day.  

  • Pay-Per-Click

    Depending on your firm’s offering, branding positioning, whether you have well known regional competitors and target segment will determine if we recommend Pay-Per-Click.  After we determine if running ads is profitable, we will ensure you run the right ads to the right audience, based on your firm’s services and customer archetypes.

  • Remarketing

    Once we get a potential client to your site, we will retarget them around the internet so you continue to get touch points with that potential client.

  • Email Follow-up

    We will automate your follow-up process to ensure you spend more time responding to the right leads instead of having to worry about getting that email response out to a potential client.


  • 24/7 Dashboard

    Your company will have its own dashboard with search engine rankings, Google analytics data, pay-per-click advertising data and of source SEO rankings.

  • User Experience Tracking

    Understanding what people do when they get to your site is valuable and an important aspect to increasing conversion.  We track where users spend the most time, not just the page, but the exact part of the page so we can leverage this interaction and increase your conversion.

  • Creative Engagement

    Whether it’s infographics on why emergency plumbers are better at fixing major plumbing problems or the dangers of DIY plumbing, we will display your competitive advantages in interactive and  initiative ways.

Stop missing out on more revenue & better market insights. Work with us & Defeat your competition. 

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What is SEO for plumbers?

The plumbing industry is one dominated by certifications, professional organizations, technical training and apprenticeships. Online marketing isn’t a mature industry yet and lacks many of the these professional norms. Companies can’t even agree on a simply question like ‘what is SEO.’ Large digital advertising agencies will say it is one thing and smaller companies begin talking about professional directories and even terms like push pin marketing (which does not really mean anything). There is something that no dial agency can refute and that is the fact that plumbing companies that show up in the top of Google get a lot of business. Many SEO consultants claim that they can do this. Not too many have a guarantee that they can and not a guarantee from a company owned by a couple of veterans who served in the special operations community.
At Alan Morgan, we care about your getting more business and growing, which is why we have the Alan Morgan Guarantee. Many plumbing companies still buy billboards and large Yellow Pages ads. When is the last time you used the yellow pages? Ours was probably about 2004. By ranking online, you meet the customer when he or she is searching for you, not when they are driving to the movies (like a billboard).
Whether someone had a drain clog, a toilet overflow, a pipe burst or in search of someone to move a pipe, with effective web marketing you are they when they need you. Other marketing options just can’t do that.

How We Define SEO success

An important question for any internet or online marketing company is the question who does that company determine in a marketing campaign has been successful.  We clearly define what success is.  That is getting to the top of Google and refining for your site to capture as many leads as possible.  plumber search engine results pageTo some SEO firms, getting the top of Google means getting to the first few pages.  Did you know that only 4 people out of one hundred even make it to page two?  That is why success to us to page 1, the top 5 and the top result.  That is what we expect.  We will give you realistic timelines and historical results.  We want all us on the same page so we will have a great future relationship.

More About Plumber SEO

For many plumbing companies the community image and community relationship are very important. Whether it is sponsoring a youth league team or volunteering at a food pantry, their company is always leading the way. Whether you are just starting or have decades or even generations invested into your brand, your company’s identity is important. AMG is more than SEO. We understand branding and projecting the brand across the digital world. Our company’s creatives are great and when we need a little more horsepower we turn to one of Columbus Ohio’s best branding companies. Our local and regional SEO services will drive your company into new markets and help you win new business.
We combine social media engagement, blogging, automated content syndication platforms and email marketing to create the winning formula to win in your local market.

On Site Optimization for Plumbing Companies

Discussing on page optimization is sort of like when you have to explain gate valves to a customer. A customer doesn’t always want to hear about it, but is a good practice to explain it. On page is the foundation of what we do for plumbing seo services. Whether you hired the most expensive design firm in the world, they probably cannot make your site rank in Google, but they are great designers. Everything starts on that homepage.
Our technical manual is essentially Google’s Webmaster Tools. It is Google guide to playing by their rules. On page optimization basically boils down to a handful of things. Make a site easy to navigate, with relevant content, an excellent mobile experience, and quality images and video. Even though on site is not going to rank you by itself, it lays the foundation you will need to get found.


One measure of functionality is interlinking. If your company does emergency plumbing work and industrial plumbing, linking from plumbing safety and certification to your safety program page makes sense from a user interface perspective. It also makes sense to Google and Bing. Picture your website as a large technical manual. If you were navigating it, you would want to be able to get from one part to a reference section easily. Your website should operate in the same manner.
Speed to the job site is important when doing emergency plumbing work. Speed is also important to your rankings and most importantly, conversion. If you site does not load fast enough, a potential client will end up with another provider. The same goes for how Google looks at your site. Slow sites lead to lower rankings.

Mobile Experience

Over half of US based internet searches take place from a mobile device. Mobile responsiveness is critical to rankings and conversion. We focus on having easy to read, prominently displayed click to call buttons for our client’s mobile sites. We also like to display your phone number in prominent places within the site.

Metadata (Page Titles and Descriptions)

Metadata is a fancy way of saying the information that shows up on Google’s site when your company is searched. Here is an example.

Meta Example

This does not only make your site relevant to the search engines, it allows people to quickly assess your company and decide whether to call you or not.  So once again, if it matters to a person, it matters to Google’s machine. An optimized title and page description and you r site has a better chance of getting discovered for the right things.  We spend a significant amount of time ensuring Google and potential customers see the right information about your business.


Have you ever heard the saying that content is king? We think content that ranks you and converts is like the American Revolution, even better than a king.  We know you need content to help you rank and compelling content to help your site drive leads and revenue.  So content matters.  We engage your audience with informational graphics, pictures, videos and emails that contain all of those highly engaging styles of content.

Wed Design, User Experience and Conversion for Plumbers

We measure absolutely everything. Even user experience. Plumber Website TrackingWe track every mouse click, hover and scroll so we can optimize the site for user experience. We don’t want just rankings, we want you to get new clients. We analyze user activity and tweak your site to maximize conversion. We also focus on buyer keywords or what we call the money keywords. These are the terms that drive business and new revenue. It is great if your site ranks for what to do when your toilet won’t stop running. We’d rather have our clients rank for plumber + Your City. That is a buyer search term. Someone who needs a plumber now. Buyer traffic, especially in your niche, converts at a much higher rate than other industries. We are ready to help your business win. Are you?

Common Industry Terms

We get a lot of questions about the industry.  A few commonly questioned terms are below.

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