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  • The Alan Morgan Guarantee

    We offer you our guarantee.  We will layout a project timeline and if we do not meet our forecasts we do not invoice you until we hit the projection.

  • Planning & Insights

    Our SEO process begins with understanding your audience- for both SEO and conversion.  We understand individuals looking for rhinoplasty searches differently than someone looking for a mommy makeover.  We also understand work with you to ensure the market we are targeting is the market you are trying to serve.

  • Local & Regional Marketing

    With everything from multi-channels to hyperlocal solutions to fit your plastic surgery center’s marketing needs.  This means we do Search Engine Optimization, but depending on your needs also deliver pay-per-click, content based marketing, social media marketing and marketing automation service.



We don’t try to give you a free SEO audit that provides you little to no insight and only tells you what you already know, that you aren’t on page 1 of Google and aren’t getting leads via your website.  These are silly.  Your practice and our company are both better than that.


We aren’t going to use a bunch of phrases with words like integrated full service marketing solutions that deliver long term sustainable SEO solutions……”  What we will do is rank your site, conduct real analysis of PPC terms, and treat your marketing investment like our own.  We know what our ability to deliver can be the difference of a family vacation to Hawaii or one to a city park.


We pride ourselves not being a normal marketing firm.  Our founders were members of the Special Operations community and bring that competitive drive to the world of digital marketing.  We don’t sit around and debate what hue of orange this is.  We research, conduct analysis and execute.


  • Plastic Surgeon Search Engine Optimization

    Increasing a cosmetic surgery practice’s visibility is the critical to growth.  People are looking for surgeries via the internet and specifically Google and Bing every single day.

  • Pay-Per-Click

    Depending on your practice’s offering, branding positioning, whether you have well known regional competitors and target segment will determine if we recommend Pay-Per-Click.  After we determine if running ads is profitable, we will ensure you run the right ads to the right audience, based on your practice’s services and customer archetypes.

  • Remarketing

    Once we get a potential patient to your site, we will retarget them around the internet so you continue to get touch points with that potential patient.

  • Email Follow-up

    We will automate your follow-up process to ensure you spend more time responding to the right leads instead of having to worry about getting that email response out to a potential client.


  • 24/7 Dashboard

    Your practice will have its own dashboard with search engine rankings, Google analytics data, pay-per-click advertising data and of source SEO rankings.

  • User Experience Tracking

    Understanding what people do when they get to your site is valuable and an important aspect to increasing conversion.  We track where users spend the most time, not just the page, but the exact part of the page so we can leverage this interaction and increase your conversion.

  • Creative Engagement

    Whether it’s infographics on why surgeons that do reconstructive surgery are better than straight cosmetic surgeons or vice versa, we will display your competitive advantages in interactive and  initiative ways.

Stop missing out on more revenue & better market insights. Work with us & Defeat your competition. 

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What is SEO for Plastic Surgeons?

Your industry is guided by certifications and certain industry norms and best practices.  For years companies could use the phone book, TV, and radio to reach audiences.  Now with Search Engine marketing and search engine optimization you get to meet customers as they search for you on Google or Bing or the other search engines.

Some SEO professionals will argue over definitions of what is SEO.  If you talk to some companies, SEO is just listing you in directories or getting you from page 7 to page 2 of Google. Most plastic surgeons and plastic surgery practices are doing the SEO basics, but the ones growing are doing much more.  So in order to grow, you need to win in Google.  And to us, winning is page 1 and the top listings in page 1.  This is where you will see real growth and this is why we have the Alan Morgan Guarantee and plastic surgeons trust us.

Your practice needs a way for interested clients to find you.  With the hundreds of TV channels, internet radio, iPod, ect, online is the best way to get in front of your target market.  Whether the potential client has a family member is in dire need of rhinoplasty, rhytidectomy, getting blepharoplasty or in search of the best breast implant surgeon, effective web marketing drives real growth.

How We Define SEO success

How an online marketing company defines success is critical to a success marketing campaign and to a great client relationship.  We define goals, use timelines and hold ourselves accountable with our guarantee to ensure we are all on the same page.  Success to us is page 1 of the major search engines.  Local Plastic Surgery Centers in the SERPsIt is getting in the top 5 and into the maps for your critical terms.  We measure the KPIs that are important to you like new clients, revenue, converted calls.  When you work with the Alan Morgan Group you work with competitors are constantly looking for ways so your practice can grow.

More About Plastic Surgery SEO

Some SEO agencies simply create a transactional relationship.  We are a digital marketing company that partners with some of the best service providers in Columbus to deliver even more value to your brand.  We work with everything from back end development companies to streamline IT systems to one of the best branding companies who have done success rebrands for small, large, public, private companies to government entities.

We use compelling graphics to help communicate competitive advantages.  We also incorporate video and blog content to engage your current and future clients with relevant content while we push your site in the search engines. We also use the most advanced Pay-Per-Click analytics platform available to continue to drive business while we rank your site in Google.  The goal is more business and we have a plethora of tools to help you grow.

On Site Optimization for Cosmetic Surgeons

We start with your website. Your website is the foundation of all of our services.  Now we are not just taking about design.  We have seen some of the most beautiful sites on the internet not rank and not convert. We have found sites that rank and fail to convert.  We understand the balance between design, functionality and ranking.  The problem with a number of sites we see is they lack proper on page optimization.

We use Google and Bing’s own governing documents as guides as we ensure your site contains all of the necessary elements to rank.  Those documents outline the proper page titles, descriptions, Yoast SEO titles and descriptions as well as URL structure and most important and most overlooked aspect, schema mark-up.


When we discuss functionality we mean a user experience that is optimal for both the user and a search engine.  If your practice does mommy makeovers and facelifts, having a link from a page about how facelifts are becoming a more popular post-partum surgery matters.  The search engines want users to have quality user experiences.  If your site were an online text book, you would want the book’s index to hyperlink to the page where the term is being discussed.  The various search engines value this interlinking as well.

Another critical factor is page load speed.  No one wants to wait for a page to load.  In fact, this not only increases bounce rate and decreases conversion, it also decreases your ranking in the search engines.  So user experience really matters to both the user and to Google.

Mobile Experience

Search engines reward mobile friendly and mobile optimized sites. Google has an easy tool to test this.  Things like font size matter to a user so it matters to Google.  Last year, more Americans accessed the internet via a cell phone or tablet than a desktop or laptop computer.  We build mobile responsive websites. We prominently display your practice’s contact information, making it easy to call for a consultation.

Metadata (Page Titles and Descriptions)

Metadata is a general term used in many web application industries.  When we say metadata, we are referring to the titles of your website’s pages and the page descriptions.  When you see a website in Google, the site’s page title ad description is the preview you can read about bout the site.  Titles matter for a few reasons.  One, it makes your particular page more relevant to the search engines, but it also helps users decide if they want to click on the link to your site.  The right Meta will help your site rank and convert.  The wrong Meta and you never get found.  It’s a little thing but a big deal.  The Alan Morgan Group puts its best people to work crafting titles and descriptions for your site that are good for the search engines and for people looking for your service.


We probably do not have to belabor the important of content. Many argue content is king. We don’t bother in getting in arguments about kings and queens. We leave that to the Brits. What we do know is that new and relevant content and enough content all matter in search algorithms. Whether a human or a machine is reading the page, it wants relevant and well written content. We use videos, infographics, blogs, and images to augment a website’s written content.

Wed Design, User Experience and Conversion for Plastic Surgeons

Web design, user experience and conversion are all related.  A properly designed sites isn’t always the best looking site on the web.  It is the site which has the right combination of the design, content, site structure, interlinking, and search engine ranking.  Ranking for the right terms matters, too.  Every industry has buyer vs shopper terms.  Shoppers are usually looking at costs and general product information to compare multiple products.  Buyer keywords attract people who are searching to call or email during that search.  That is what we target with our search engine marketing and that is what converts at a much higher rate than general web traffic.

Site layout also matters for conversions. We use heat maps, scroll maps and click maps to see what your website visitors are doing on your site and tweak or over haul the site design to put the right content in the right part of the page to convert.  We are constantly measuring and tweaking to help make your website as profitable as possible.


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