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  • The Alan Morgan Guarantee

    We offer you our guarantee.  Together we will layout a project timeline and if we do not meet our forecasts you will not pay until we catch up.

  • Planning & Insights

    Our SEO process begins with understanding your audience and your business- for both SEO and conversion.  We understand individuals looking for a Plano Roofing Company specializing in insurance claims are going to look for something different than someone looking for a 24 hour locksmith.  We also work with you to ensure the market we are targeting is the market you are trying to serve.



  • Search Engine Optimization

    Increasing a business’s visibility is critical to growth.  We believe the best way to increase visibility it to get in front of customers looking for your service.  People are looking for Plano businesses on Google and Bing every single day.  Are they able to find you?

  • Pay-Per-Click

    Many factors go into play in identifying whether or not paid ads are advisable.  There is no substitute for organic traffic but PPC can be a great addition to targeted SEO efforts.  If running ads appears profitable and it in your budget, we will ensure you run the right ads to the right audience based on your firm’s services and customer archetypes.

  • Email Follow-up

    Don’t let the conversation end when your website visitors leave your site.  Build your list, communicate regularly and watch your business grow by leaps and bounds.  Don’t worry, this won’t require hours of typing out emails, we’ll handle all of that.

  • Remarketing

    After someone visits your site, what do you do if they don’t call or buy? Getting a visitor to your site is hard work; don’t let them leave without continuing the conversation. Retargeting lets you advertise to your website visitors even after they leave your site so you can get multiple touch points and get the sale.


  • 24/7 Dashboard

    Our clients have their own dashboard with search engine rankings, Google analytics, social media information, and Paid Advertising data.

  • User Experience Tracking

    Understanding what people do when they get to your site is valuable and an important aspect to increasing conversion.  We track where users spend the most time, not just the page, but the exact part of the page so we can make adjustments to increase your conversion.

  • Creative Engagement

    Whether it’s infographics on the benefits of utilizing a local business or vice versa, we will display your competitive advantages in interactive and memorable ways.

Stop missing out on more revenue & better market insights. Work with us & Defeat your competition.  


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What About Paid Ads

The first question we usually ask our clients is “when was the last time you clicked on an internet ad?”  It is very rare for people to ever tell us that they remember ever clicking on one.  Our clients are not alone, people are developing ad blindness and now more than 70% of web users say they ignore paid ads.  This means that only focusing on paid ads will eliminate 70% of your online customer base.  Paid ads area  great supplement but simply cannot make up for organic rankings.

Why Alan Morgan?

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 7.59.05 PMIf you are looking for a marketing agency that specializes in Plano SEO then the Alan Morgan Group is your company.  We are a veteran owned and operated internet marketing company dedicated to reshaping the current digital marketing landscape by introducing the lost values of integrity, trust, and transparency.  Each of our partners has experience in fortune 150 companies in capacities ranging from internal consultants to middle management to sales.

Focus on ROI

If you know much about SEO you know it is actually resource intensive.  This is why the companies that can actually rank on page 1 charge more than the $399 ad you see on Facebook.  The issue with expensive SEO services is that not everyone should use them.  The first meeting with our clients we discuss their lifetime customer value and compare that to the search volume for their industry to make sure they will see a positive ROI using our services.

Don’t Settle

The Alan Morgan Group has developed the reputation of delivering the very best in Search Engine Optimization services.  Our proprietary systems allow us to outrank the competition and keep you there unlike many of our competitors that are using a loophole for temporary rankings.  We know your website is your most valuable piece of real estate and can’t afford to have a penalty throw you off of page 1.  Don’t risk your business with an entry level or bargain brand SEO company; give us a call today at (866) 805-3494.

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